Congratulations!  You’re getting married! The checklist is started, a date chosen – so much to think about, isn’t there?  Where will we hold the celebration? What colours do I want? What will I wear and what about my makeup?  I have the bridesmaids to get sorted out and dressed, I have the groomsmen to worry about……and the decorations!!  I can’t forget the photographer, the music, the rings, the flowers,

Top 10 Ways to Survive the Wedding Show Circuit Submitted by Anne Kotlarchuk, Bride and Groom Show Organizer   Make a list of the wedding shows available in the next 6 months. This can be by through Googling “Wedding Show Eastern Ontario.”  Write down how much each show is to attend, if you need to register and where the show is held.  Then decide which ones you can afford.  If

Entry submitted by Leanne Fawcett, Makeup2Go I am excited to be a part of the Bride and Groom Show, being held at Century Weddings and Events in North Gower, Ontario. I will be sharing makeup tips that are intended to make a bride feel beautiful and confident for one of the most special days of her life! I emphasize how important it is to remember that makeup is meant to

5 Reasons the Bride and Groom Show is an excellent resource for the DIY Bride Written by: Lisa Leduc Look Forward Media www.lookforwardmedia.ca 1. Experience We have all types of vendors to help the DIY bride plan her special day. We take the research out of the equation and put vendors under one roof allowing you to make a decision quickly and easily. Now you can spend more time on

Jack and Jill Parties are a great way to raise some funds for your wedding. There are many blogs out there about hosting larger parties, but often times couples skip doing one because they are often too busy planning the wedding to plan ANOTHER large event. Sometimes it might be a little easier to have a more intimate affair, with a direct sales company, who will help organize the event

You’ve had the wedding; you’re back from your honeymoon – now for those wedding photos! You’ve made an investment in hiring a photographer to capture your special day and now you’re trying to figure out what to do with them. There are sure to be some special ones you’ll want to display around your home to remind you of all the extraordinary moments throughout your day – from the time

Marriage is a journey that will take you on what I call “the amazing roller coaster ride of life” where you are no longer alone for the ride! You will experience many highs and lows along the way which, if you embrace them together and in the right way, can bring you growth, joy, laughter and the ability to live a prosperous and fulfilling life. It’s about two unique people

Tips for Hiring a Wedding Vendor There is so much information online about hiring wedding vendors… but often times it’s difficult to know where that advice is coming from. Mike & Ness, one of our photography vendors has a local wedding blog that has local wedding experts give their best tips for hiring a wedding vendor. It’s always expanding and growing, so check back there often! Check out the Ultimate Wedding